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Includes: One retaining ring and 2 ultra-thin but tough carbon fiber diaphragms for the RA Bock Cardiology Stethoscopes along with 2 pairs of Cherry Soft Sealing Comfort eartips. One pair of red cherry and one pair of black cherry eartips. Excellent acoustics are provided by the ultra-thin but durable carbon fiber diaphragm which helps give the RA Bock Cardiology Stethoscope an acoustic function on par with stethoscopes costing much more. Cherry Soft Sealing Eartips are built from a siliconized rubber that offer long term durability and a soft-sealing fit that is second to none. The acoustic seal and comfort of these eartips surpass all others. One of the softest best sealing ear tips on the market today. Fits both RA Bock and Littman Model Cardiology Stethoscopes. Includes 2 pairs of ear tips for a total of 4 in every order.

DIAPHRAGMS and EAR TIPS for RA Bock Cardiology Stethoscope

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